Discover Explee III

Merci à tous!

   Merci à tous ceux qui, suite à la publication du billet précédent, ont visionné ma vidéo :

Merci aussi à ceux qui ont cliqué sur "like this vidéo" en bas à droite de la page!

Thank you all!

   Thank you to all those who, following the publication of the previous post, watched my video:

Also thank you to those who have clicked "like this video" at the bottom right of the page!

Discover Explee II

Dear friends, I need your help!

   I'm at the end of a mooc and a challenge of "likes" is the final game.

Just for fun, and, more, to be sure that real humans are looking this blog and not robots, I offer you the opportunity to show your humanity.

Follow this link:

Then have a look at this little video.

You may discover a new on line software Explee and you may like it.

Maybe, you can like my work and "like" it by a little "clic" down on the right part of the screen. And I will enormously like it too!

Are you players?
Want to discover at the same time a Power Point Killer?

A rendez-vous (with the accent!) for some minutes!

Comments welcome!