Just for one reason


   Today, this post will be written in English. I just saw an exchange between Anderson from Ted.com and Elon Musk from Tesla, Space X etc ...
The last thing I learned from the course Elon Musk is that he does not file a patent, and it is faster than the other, that any competition.
I love it.
And I agree.
My creations should reach the same goal, but I had the opportunity, ability, talent etc ... delete as appropriate, to create my pay pal, so sell then have my own lab giant research and development ....
I hope one day I can work with this gentleman.
Not necessarily that recruits me, which works would be a huge honor.
So patiently, I have launched a bottle into the sea, hoping that someone who directly or indirectly that reads may have a connection with that person, you can guess the rest ....
Meanwhile, I continue to work on my designs so that I can one day make for real ....

I hate summer, things goes too slow....

See U and get tuned!

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